Paul Ryan Claims To Be OK With Medical Marijuana States

The opening salvo in disinformation regarding medical marijuana has been fired by Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Yesterday, in an interview with a Colorado radio station, KRDO – TV Ryan stated that he believed that the states which have voted for medical marijuana, although it goes against federal guidelines, should be allowed to decide their own fate. But what does that truly mean; would there be federal monies that his administration would take away from MM J states, should they choose to exercise their 10th amendment rights? Or would they truly allow voters to decide their own fate, and then respected it? I fear not… We’ve been down this road before, and it didn’t turn out so well.

“My personal position on these issues has been let the states decide what they want to do with these things,” Ryan stated, while trying to convince himself… that he actually meant this. “This is something that is not a high priority of ours.” Does that sound familiar to anybody else? The crazy thing is, the Bush administration did do far less damage in their eight years in office, than Obama has done in his 3+ years.

No matter how you slice it, voters in Washington state and Colorado will both have their own ballot initiatives regarding the outright legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Of course with any legalization of pot would also come strict guidelines, which would give parameters to where, who and at what times (similar to liquor stores) your favorite strains could be sold.

Apparently Paul Ryan and his “magic jammies” wearing buddy don’t speak very often. As Mitt Romney was peppered with several questions regarding medicinal marijuana, during a recent swing through New Hampshire, when the GOP primary was still relevant. And he instantly slipped into condescending, ignorance-based pandering to the uninformed and scared.

“I have the same position this week I had last week when you asked the question,”

…he snapped. Launching into a rant, that medical marijuana should be snuffed out and prohibited, rationalizing that medical marijuana and its acceptance. Would just be the launching point for the outright legalization of marijuana for the states that chose to do so. Then according to his logic, that would turn those recreational marijuana smokers into pill popping, cocaine snorting, smack shooting druggies. As most pot smokers know…. anything other than good weed and a good glass of red wine is unnecessary.

The lesson here boys and girls, is that as this political season heats up and our medical marijuana vote counts more in key battleground states. We are going to be approached and pandered to. Regarding at least medical marijuana acceptance, if not, the outright legalization of marijuana altogether – by all parties concerned. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, now Paul Ryan has thrown his… And I guess, Mr. Romney’s hat in that ring, in addition to the original pander master and our current president Barack Obama.

So now it boils down to who you truly believe?
President Barack Obama: who has already lied to us once and he’s done nor said anything, to make us think that he would change his current course, which has been absolutely brutal. Or we could vote our conscience, and cast a ballot for either of the two gentlemen that have both clearly stated that they would support the outright legalization of marijuana. In spite of their popularity because of their willingness to speak the truth, and appeal to peoples common sense, Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning the college electoral vote… So go ahead and vote for one of them, but just understand, it’s a complete waste of your precious vote, during a critical election.


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