Banks Start Working with Weed, Slowly

In a bit of news sure to be welcomed by the marijuana industry – and hopefully, millions of Americans – a small group of banks have begun working with cannabis growers and providers. About 105 different banks and other financial institutions have reported that they’ve worked with marijuana businesspeople in recent weeks. The banks are […]

Academia Shuts the Door on Weed

You’d think college campuses would be havens for the marijuana community. They’re liberal, they’re full of young people smoking dope for the first time, and a few of them celebrate special cannabis holidays. But try lighting up a J on campus most days, and you’re more likely to encounter hostility than acceptance. Terrified of federal […]

Vermont Will Study Legal Weed

Vermont is taking a closer look at a policy that would suit the liberal Green Mountain State just right: legal marijuana. The state has hired the Rand Corporation, a leading think tank, to determine what effects legalization would have on the economy, public health, and public safety. The results could inform decision making for years […]