Vermont Will Study Legal Weed

Vermont is taking a closer look at a policy that would suit the liberal Green Mountain State just right: legal marijuana. The state has hired the Rand Corporation, a leading think tank, to determine what effects legalization would have on the economy, public health, and public safety. The results could inform decision making for years […]

Legalizing Marijuana May Generate Billions Of Dollars In Taxes

While raising revenues has always been a major concern for governments, the U.S. may already have a feasible solution in marijuana. Numerous proponents of marijuana legalization claim that in addition to the recognized health benefits entailed, marijuana legalization will also open up a significant stream of new revenue that can contribute to the national budget. […]

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Prevail In The Face Of Rising Taxes

There have been many instances throughout history when state governments find themselves on the opposing sides of the federal government. One particular issue that has become increasingly prominent recently is the legalization of marijuana. At present marijuana has already been legalized for medical use in 18 states and in Washington D.C. In fact, Washington and […]

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